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The issue of missing persons in Australia is complex and multifaceted. Every year approximately 38,000 missing persons reports are made to police — that’s approximately one person every 15 minutes. More than half of those are young people under the age of 18.

The incidence of missing persons is as high, or higher, than that of other issues that generate more media attention and public interest. Thankfully through a range of community initiatives, such as National Missing Persons Week, awareness of the issue of missing persons is growing.

Most people reported missing to police are located within a short period of time. Of those reported, approximately 85 per cent are located within one week and 99.5 per cent of all missing persons are eventually located. While the majority of those reported are located, a significant number of people, approximately 2000, remain missing long-term (for more than three months).

Anyone, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or educational background, may become a missing person; however, adults are more likely to be listed as long-term missing persons.

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