International Missing Children's Day 2020

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International Missing Children’s Day (IMCD), 25 May, is a day where people around the world commemorate missing children who have found their way home; remember those who have been victims of crime; and continue efforts to find those who are still missing.

In Australia approximately three in five missing persons reports are related to a child or young person under the age of 18 and around the world it is estimated to be over a million missing children. Most children who are reported missing are found safe and well, but for those who are not, what follows can be months and years of heartbreak and confusion for their friends, families and communities.

To raise awareness of the issue, the Australian Federal Police’s (AFP) National Missing Persons Coordination Centre (NMPCC) contributes to an international campaign each year.

In 2020, the NMPCC will commemorate IMCD through a creative digital campaign that includes a short video with the theme #MissingChildrenDeserveAReunionToo.

The whole world has been impacted by COVID-19. The pandemic has seen huge changes to the everyday life of people around the globe and has forced many to live isolated in the unknown awaiting their reunion with the people, places and things they hold dear.

Most people can take some comfort in the fact that they will eventually be reunited with those they are missing. This is in stark contrast to the families and friends living with a missing child, desperately longing for their reunion day.

Through this campaign the NMPCC aim to raise awareness of the impacts of living with a missing child and also share the faces of some of Australia’s long term missing children.

There are steps everyone can follow to raise awareness of the issue of missing children and assist police with their investigations. You can:

Renee Aitken - Missing 36 years

Debbie Ashby - Missing 32 years

Eve Askew - Missing 18 years

Annastaes Banitskas - Missing 45 years

Rhianna Barreau  - Missing 27 years

Arnna Beaumont - Missing 54 years

Grant Beaumont - Missing 54 years

Jane Beaumont - Missing 54 years

Melissa Brown - Missing 20 years

Toni Cavanagh - Missing 40 years

Quanne Diec - Missing 21 years

Radina Djukich - Missing 28 years

Kay Docherty - Missing 40 years

Hayley Dodd - Missing 20 years

Valerie Eastwell - Missing 74 years

Raelene Eaton - Missing 46 years

Rahma El-Dennaoui - Missing 14 years

Tanya Farrington - Missing 41 years

Terry Floyd - Missing 44 years

Michaela Godau - Missing 37 years

Kirste Gordon - Missing 46 years

Donald Govan - Missing 7 years

Cheryl Grimmer - Missing 50 years

Kathleen Harris  - Missing 20 years

Ian Hollis - Missing 34 years

Elaine Johnson - Missing 40 years

Helen Karipidis - Missing 31 years

Gordana Kotevski - Missing 25 years

Damian McKenzie - Missing 45 years

Lynette Melbin - Missing 47 years

Lisa Mott - Missing 39 years

Robert Mulhollan-Green - Missing 52 years

Bianca Nelson - Missing 29 years

Tania Nicholls - Missing 31 years

Adell Partridge - Missing 21 years

Bradford Pholi - Missing 37 years

Marilyn Qualmann - Missing 44 years

Joanne Ratcliffe - Missing 46 years

Amanda Robinson - Missing 41 years

Jessica Small - Missing 22 years

Linda Stilwell - Missing 51 years

Chad Sutton - Missing 27 years

Melony Sutton - Missing 27 years

Craig Taylor - Missing 26 years

William Tyrrell - Missing 5 years

Yvonne Waters - Missing 46 years

Cherie Westell - Missing 19 years

Sophie Woodman - Missing 40 years

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