If you are (or have been) reported missing?

Let someone know you’re OK and get in contact with your local police.

Going missing is not a crime. If you have been reported missing you’re encouraged to touch base with family and friends so they know you are safe.

To be removed from the Public Register you will need to make contact with your local police so they can verify your identity, and sight that you are safe and well.

Making contact with police does not mean you will need to physically return home, or make contact with family. Your right to privacy protects your right to not be in contact with family. For more information talk to your local police who can help you and provide guidance depending on your situation.

Missing Person Jason Oakley


Jason Oakley left his Turnbulls Road, Gordon, Tasmania residence on 9 May 2007. He was reported missing by his defacto partner when he did not return. He has not been seen or...

Missing Person from NSW David Cossington Cook

David COOK

David Cossington Cook was last seen cycling towards Avalon with his fishing gear which was later located at a known rock fishing platform called “St Michael’s Cave”. David did...

Rhydian MORGAN

Rhydian Trent Morgan was last seen on11 June 2014 in the Broadmedow area. Family and friends have grave concerns for his welfare.  Rhydian is known to frequent the...

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