Missing since: 
Friday, December 5, 2014
Last seen: 
Brisbane QLD
Responsible jurisdiction: 
Family Law Matters
Year of birth: 
Age now: 


It is believed that Thomas and Serena are with their mother, Ms Jane Iluci Adare. The mother picked up Thomas and Serena from the father’s residence in Brisbane at 5pm on 5 December 2014 and the children have not been seen or heard from since. Thomas was particularly distressed to be leaving his father’s care on that day.
The Federal Circuit Court of Australia issued a recovery order on 17 February 2015 authorising all members of the Australian Federal Police and the State and Territory Police forces to recover Thomas and Serena, and at this stage, they have not been located. The Court has now made a publication order to allow photographs and details of the children and their mother to be published in the hope that a member of the public will come forward with information on their possible whereabouts.
Thomas Kurt Michael Speath, born 27 April 2010, has short blonde hair, blue eyes and is of medium build and is approximately 117cm tall.
Serena Lucia Speath, born 29 March 2009, has short blonde hair, blue eyes and is approximately 115cm tall and of slight build. Serena is missing her upper right front tooth and her upper left front tooth is chipped. She is extremely allergic to eggs and allergic to peanuts. She carries an Epipen auto injector in case she suffers an anaphylactic attack.
Jane Iluci Adare (previously Leisa-Jane Felsman, nee Leisa-Jane Allsopp) was born 8 February 1969. She has light brown hair with some grey but it may have since been dyed blonde. She has hazel eyes and a fair complexion and is approximately 165cm and weighs about 52kg.
The location of Jane and the children is unknown but they may be in the southeast Queensland area, possibly in the northern suburbs of Brisbane and the Maleny area of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. There is some concern however, that as Jane is a UK/Australian dual national, they may have gone to the UK. The children have not been present at school and the Queensland Department of Education has advised that the children are not enrolled at any other school in the State.
There is a chance that Jane may be driving a new vehicle and they may be travelling with a small white Chihuahua Pomeranian-cross named “Pom Pom”.

For further information please see the Federal Circuit Court of Australia Publication Order.

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