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As part of its mandate, the National Missing Persons Coordination Centre (NMPCC) works to educate the Australian community and raise awareness of the issues and impacts of missing persons in Australia. This is done through programs such as National Missing Persons Week and International Missing Children’s Day, proactive media engagement, and education initiatives such as Day for Daniel (Morcombe).

We work with other stakeholders, support and search agencies, and the community to raise awareness of these campaigns and initiatives—it’s only together that we can make a difference.

Geoffrey Rallings

Geoffrey Rallings was aged 65 years when he was last seen in the Hobart CBD on the 27th of December 1995. At the time of his disappearance, Geoffrey resided in Southport.


Missing person Bradley Anderson WA


On the night of Thursday, 29 August 1985, Bradley Anderson spent the night camping at Windjana Gorge, located approximately 355 km east of Broome.

The next morning, Bradley...

Missing Person Elaine Morgan


About 9am on Tuesday 17 April 2007, Elaine Morgan dropped her daughter off at a Dance Academy, in St Ives. This was the last time the she was seen. If you have information that...

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